Poor coverage in Glaskogen

Both mobile coverage and internet reception are non-existent in many places in Glaskogen. It is not always possible to make calls or go online. But it is always possible to reach 112 in an emergency situation. We offer free wifi for our visitors at Infocenter, camping and café in Lenungshammar.


Motorhome camping in the nature reserve – not allowed

Right now, many people park their motorhomes on various places in the nature reserve. We would like to remind you that all camping with motor vehicles is prohibited in the entire reserve except at our campsite in Lenungshammar. We ask you to follow the nature reserve’s regulations. Greetings from us at the Glaskogen Foundation


Firewood storages – firewood is missing

Some of our windshelters within the nature reserve are currently without firewood. This applies to windshelter no. 7 (which is missing after a fire), no. 10, no. 25, no. 29 and 44. You will find all our windshelters on our Glaskogen map. We are working full time to replenish wood stocks and update the status of our work on this page. If you still want to make a fire at these windshelters, there is ready-made firewood to buy at Infocenter in Lenungshammar. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to pick sticks and other material from the forest and fire only in the fireplaces we have prepared.