Camps that can be booked in advance

Many school classes and groups visit Glaskogen and many like to book a place in advance. Contact the infocentre in Lenungshammar and we will help you with further information. We help you tailor the packet depending on your needs.


1 km from Lenungshammar, next to the lake Stora Gla. Here are three areas available, Little area at the lakeside 10 – 15 persons, The big area 40 persons, The new area 20 persons. At the camp there is room for tents, dry closets, drinking water and a fire place. At the lake you will find a bathing place.


1.5 km south of Lenungshammar. Here there is a camp, a fire place, a dry closet, a cottage and a barn. The place is located in a clearing in the middle of the forest, only 1 km away from the lake Stora Gla.

More places in the area

There are more places in the area (see the Glaskogen map) with vast areas suitable for activities and camps for groups. These places are not possible to book. To use these places you need to buy the Glaskogen card.

Book a groupcamp

Groups per person: 45 SEK/night

Contact and reservations

Telephone +46-570-440 70

Glaskogen map

On the Glaskogen Map You can see the small roads, resting places, hiking tracks, canoe routes, the overnight cabins and more. The map is trilingual and on the scale of 1:50 000. If You want to buy our map for planning the routs before coming here. You can choose to pay it with creditcard och directly to the bank.  We will deliver the prospect within 10 days.

Price is SEK 149- (125:- map + postage 24:-), or 16,5:- Euro.

Glaskogen card

When using the facilities of Glaskogen a visitor’s card, “the Glaskogen card”, is required. The entire amount paid for the card will go to maintaining the area.


Please enter the name of the card holder – then push the button “add to cart”- in the next step you choose how many nights you are staying and you´ll see the amount to pay. We send the card with email or with post if you do not have an email address.

Glaskogen overnight card
Name of the cardholder
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