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Glaskogen offers 300 km of hiking trails - you can choose anything from a round trip for a few hours or weekly tours without having to take the same trail twice.

Hiking in Glaskogen

Bring your rucksack and experience nature in the best possible way. Hiking is a relaxing and healthy way to exercise, and also gives you great opportunities to study nature. Glaskogen offers 300 km of hiking trails, you can choose anything from a round trip for a few hours or weekly tours without having to take the same trail twice.

All trails are marked with orange, there are signs in the crossings, and along the paths there are windbreaks, overnight cabins and resting places. However, you still ought to bring your own tent just in case the overnight cabins and windbreaks are already occupied.

Tour Suggestions

We recommend that you start in Lenungshammar from where hiking trails in all the cardinal points start. For a more detailed description, you can order our booklet "19 tours..."

Nature- and culture path

At Herrgårdsbacken in Lenungshammar there is a nature and culture path that is suitable for walks in ordinary shoes and also with prams. The path is 5 km and along it there are several information boards describing geological and historical sights along the way. 


In the nature reserve modern forestry is practiced. The industrial vehicles require sufficient space for maneuvering and loading. Please do not park on roads and turning areas intended for forestry. Do not enter paths and areas where forest operations are running. Danger to life!

Glaskogen card

When using the facilities of Glaskogen a visitor's card, "the Glaskogen card", is required. The entire amount paid for the card will go to maintaining the area.

24 H  60 SEK/person/night
 Year card  800 SEK/person or 1200 SEK/familj

Besides the offices of the Glaskogen foundation in Arvika and Lenungshammar, the Glaskogen card can be bought at the following places:

  • Tourist-Offices in Arvika, Årjäng, Säffle
  • Arvika Kanot och Turistcenter
  • Petrol stations in Glava and Sulvik,
  • ICA in Glava,
  • Sölje Camping,
  • Guesthouse Eleven in Jössefors,
  • Sommarvik Swecamp in Årjäng,
  • Camp Grinsby
  • Survival Center in Svanskog
  • ICA Sillerud