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  • Glaskogen Camping
  • Camping place near the lake
  • Camping place Finndammsudden
  • Camping place nr 39
  • Rest at the camp fire on the camping place

The camping ground in Lenungshammar is unique. The caravan places are beautifully located in the forest with a small grove between them. The camping ground for tents is situated in the middle of Lenungshammar, next to a small pond and close to the lakes Övre and Stora Gla. For those who want a more comfortable stay, we recommend the camping cabins or one of the modern apartments.

Please note that it, according to the regulations of the reserve, is not allowed to put up your caravan and camper on any other places in the area than the camping ground.

Camping Key Europe

We are a SCR-affiliated camping site, this means that all visiting groups checking in should be equipped with Camping Key Europe (not required for group camp and cottages). Read more