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Regulations in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve

In order to preserve the area, there are some rules that must be followed when visiting the area. It is not allowed to:

The right of public access - public duties

  • moor at a dock or beach on shore property
  • swim at beaches on shore property
  • cut down or damage trees or bushes, break off twigs or branches, or split bark (this applies to fallen trees as well)
  • damage crops or walk on newly planted fields or forestland
  • take bird's nests or eggs
  • traverse farmyards, house or cottage property, or private roads without permission ("property" here is the area nearest the residence and its surrounding buildings; it need not be fenced in)
  • use sheds, wells, or other facilities located on private property
  • litter or improperly dispose of garbage and refuse; human waste must always be buried!
  • fish without a fishing license or hunt without permission
  • make noise, such as playing a transistor radio at high volume
  • damage fencing or leave gates open
  • pick or dig up protected flora
  • enter work areas

Special regulations for the nature reserve:

  • Leave your camper outside the area or pay a fee and park it at the camping ground in Lenungshammar.
  • Most of the roads in Glaskogen are open to cars. Do not, however, use roads closed to traffic.
  • Park you car out of the way of traffic or other activities.
  • Be respectful to property owners and the local population whenever possible.
  • Do not hinder farming or forestry.
  • Be careful about the land and its vegetation.
  • Leave flowers, seeds and pods as they are.
  • Bring your dog, but keep it in a leash.
  • Do not disturb the animal life.
  • Bring your tent, but get permission from the property owner if you want to stay in one place for more than two days and nights.
  • Do not navigate your boat faster that 7 knots (parts of Stora Gla are excepted as indicated on the main map.

Leave the area as you would like to find it.

Making fires in the area

It is absolutely forbidden to light a campfire anywhere else in the area other than where indicated with a number at the windbreaks and resting-places. Always check that the fire and all embers are completely extinguished when you leave them. Never throw a lighted match or cigarette butt or empty your pipe ashes on the ground. These things can lie and smoulder for a long time before they flame up.

Never throw glass bottles on the ground. Very often, the glass focuses the rays of the sun and causes a forest fire. In addition, broken glass is extremely harmful to animal life.

Denna flagga symboliserar totalt eldningsförbud. Brandrisken är mycket stor och det är inte tillåtet att elda när den är hissad.

This flag is the symbol of complete fire ban. When it is raised, it means that the fire risk is very large, and it is not allowed to make fires at all.