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Café Carl

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Café Carl is a new built timber cottage which was built after a fire in the old Karl XII:s cottage. The cottage has been built by mostly local contractors. The timber in the cottage are slow growing pine from Älvdalen, cipher on the ceiling are from Glava and the stones on the fireplace are from the reserve.

The Cafe is open daily from mid-June to late August. During the winter months it is possible to rent the cottage for meetings and gatherings.

For those who want to hike there is a nice nature and culture trail which starts from Café Carl. The trail is pedestrian-friendly and is also suitable for baby buggies.

Karl XII sandwich In the cafe offers pastries, waffles, baked potatoes m shrimp, paninini, salads, Karl XII's sandwich and more. The Café also offers wine and beer with the food.

If you want a little souvenir with home, we sell local crafts and products.

We wish you warmly welcome!